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Air Car Cleaning Gun tornador Car Tool Dry Cleaner high pressure car washer, tornador Z-020 foam guncar tornado espuma tool

Product Features:

1.Comprehensive cleaning, efficient and energy-saving.

2.Combined with aerologyprinciples, easy and simple to use.

3.Two choice modes,Suitable for a variety of occasions.

4.The product employs the new bearing rotor design; it has a low start-up pressure and high rotational speed (up to 3000rpm), the cleaning effect is very good.

5.Light design of the gun body; it is nickel-plated, beautiful and durable.

6.Flow regulating valve makes it easier to regulate the air flow and control the rotational speed; the product is convenient to use.

Product parameter:

Product Name: Tornado Car Interior Cleaning Machine

Interface: European standard, American Standard, Japanese standard

Air Coupling:1/4 "

Optimal Working Pressure:0.7Mpa(7Bar,100Psi)

Rotating Speed of Bearing:Max 3000rpm (Adjustable)

Air Consumption:75 NL/min

Consumption of Cleaning Liquid:50 ML/min


1. The working pressure is 0.4-0.9Mpa; the optimal working pressure is 0.7Mpa;

2. The working pressure shall not exceed 1Mpa to avoid damaging the tornado;

3. Wash the inside with water after each use to prevent blocking of the pipe;

4. Upon receiving the product, rotate the bearing gently to avoid jamming.

Working principle of the product:

The machine is connected to the air compressor, and it revolves on its own axis at a high speed inside the cleaning gun trumpets of the circular pipe of the air compressor 0.4-0.9Mpa (58-130PSI) (optimal working pressure is 0.7Mpa, it shall not exceed 1Mpa). The cleaning liquid generates atomization effect under the strong centrifugal force generated by the high speed rotation of the circular pipe. The atomized cleaning liquid would attach to the stain and make the stains completely separated from the part\’s surface. At the same time, attract the radical particles on the trumpetnozzles to remove the stains effectively;it can also sterilize the bacteriain the car.

Range of Application:

This product can effectively remove the various stains on flannel fabrics, leathers, engine, tires, hubs, plastics and surfaces of various industrial machines.

For example:

A.Fur seat cushion, leather seats, dashboards, door panels, steering wheel, floorcloth, car roof, enginesurface, tire surface and hub surface of motorcycles, cars and heavy trucks.

B.Pretreatment of aluminum window frames waiting for painting

C.Window-shades, screens and rugs

D.Hardware release agent, grease and cleaning glue.

E.Microwave oven, kitchen facilities and various fans, tractors, agricultural equipments and animal accommodation.

F.Automated office equipment (such as printer) and tools, toys (stuffed toy animals and digits), leather shoes etc.

Packing List:

1.a bell;

2.a brush;

3.a melting pot;

4.a hand washing gun;

5. Air Connector;

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