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Sigma #M12 HEAVY DUTY Threaded Rivet Nut Drill Adapter Cordless or Electric power tool accessory alternative air rivet nut gun


State-of-the-Art Riveting Adapter

SigmaTM#M12 HEAVY DUTY Threaded Rivet Nut Drill Adapter wasall new innovatedfrom start-of-the-art design"Straight Pull Set" . It is adurable, precisionand powerful HEAVY DUTY rivet nut drill adapter, ideal for home, DIY, professional, craft, commercial and industrial uses. Enable user to focus mostly on the control of riveting precision and riveting quality, a real relief from arduous or stressful heavy leverage rivetings. It features

  1. CausingZEROorTHE LEASTdamage to threaded nuts and its threads, and setting all threaded nutsfree from unnecessarydeformation and pits.​
  2. "STRAIGHT PULL SET"deisgn ensures ultra nut riveting accuracy and consistency. Itgreatly renovated traditional design "Spinning Bolt – Twisting Nut- Set" that would damage its spinningmandrel, twistoffnut\’s tubing& shearoffnut\’s delicate threads.
  3. Unique exclusive design offering the best labor-saving, wo​​​​​​​​​​​​​rkmanship and cost effectiveness.
  4. Universal versatile ONE FOR ALL threaded rivet nuts in all assorted sizes & in all materials. 
  5. The simplest and easiest way to swap mandrels/nosepieces.
  6. Outstanding strength in riveting capabilities and capacities.
  7. Indexed storage for accessories in sturdy blow mold case.
  8. Manufactured with cutting-edge fastening technologies.

SigmaTM#M12 is made from a single CNC machined piece of aluminum billet and features durable bearings and CRO-MO mandrels. Easily convert a cordless or corded drill into a power rivet nut setter. This kit includes 6 pairedmandrels and nosepieces in the following most popular metric sizes:

M4, M5, M6, M8, M10 andM12

For aluminum and steel rivet nuts use a 14.4V and up cordless drill or 18V and up for M8 – M12 stainlessrivet nuts (all drills must feature torque limited clutch.).

#MAN3,#MAN7 and #SAE-MAN6 applicable as spares and or extentionsforSigma threaded nut riveting adapters #M6, #M8, #M10, #M12 and #SAE7.

rivet nut adapter M12 -01

Wide range ofapplications:

1. Automotive aftermarket

2. Aircraft, boat and ship repair

3. Residential and commercial constructions

4. General facility maintenance and industrial MRO

5. Outdoor/indoor system installation, repair and maintenance

6. Roofing

7. Fencing

8. and HVAC industries


M12 Technical data sheets

Sigma  rev 00-01

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